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Superior X-Ray Technology

Our team relies on many different diagnostic tools to identify and target the source of health problems in your pet. Diagnostic screenings are also used to assess the overall health of senior pets and patients about to undergo anesthesia.

Imaging Tools

At Bayview Animal Hospital, we use radiography (x-ray) to provide a thorough examination of your pet’s internal health. This procedure is very safe and offers unique advantages in various situations.

To produce a radiograph, x-ray beams are passed through a body and captured by a detector (digital or film) on the other side. X-rays are especially useful to show changes in bone, irregular shapes in the abdomen, or the presence of foreign objects. Common reasons why a veterinarian might recommend a radiograph include the evaluation of broken bones, suspected injuries, or confirmation of a pregnancy.

Adorable Weimaraner Dog Looking At Camera

Digital Technology

When it comes to treating your cat, dog, or small mammal, one of the most important tools at our disposal are digital x-rays. Digital technology allows us to examine and distribute images much more quickly and requires less radiation than conventional methods. Similar to the transition from film cameras to digital photography, the use of digital imaging is a great advancement in veterinary care, and Bayview Animal Hospital is proud to offer this service to our clients.

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